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“Our Wooden Birdhouses Are Bird Tested & Bird Approved!”

The Anatomy of a Birdhouse is simple, but in reality there are many considerations to create the best Wooden Birdhouses.  One consideration is the Birdhouse Hole Size and how high the entry hole is above the floor.  Our birdhouses are build with solid science with more than twenty years of research.wooden birdhouses

We have built over 18,000 birdhouses and we have personally installed over 4,000 wooden birdhouses since 2002.  Many of these installs are regular customers that we see year after year as we also maintain many of these wooden birdhouses in the fall or as needed.

Our wooden birdhouses are built from the results of our research. Every year we put out prototype birdhouses with slight changes from previous years. Changes such as changing the hole size or hole location, cavity size, ceiling height, number of vents and sizes of vents, types of wood, physical location of the birdhouse, direction where the entry hole faces, and many more variables.

During the nesting season we track hundreds of birdhouses , both existing older wooden birdhouses and prototypes, to see which wooden birdhouses the cavity nesting birds prefer.  All of this data is collected, studied, and discussed to determine how our next generation wooden birdhouses will be built.  This process has been repeated every year since 2002.

wooden birdhousesEvery cavity nesting bird on the planet “prefers” a particular size cavity, entry hole size, roof height, and most importantly location of the wooden birdhouses.  Generally speaking a Blue Bird House has a hole size of 1-1/2″, but different blue bird species prefer a slightly different size entry hole.

Bird House Specification Chart – Designed With Twenty Years of Science!”

Does every cavity nesting bird find exactly what they prefer each year in nature?  NO!  BUT, the more preferred wooden birdhouses you put out the better your results will be.

You can buy a Blue Bird House just about anywhere, but why do our blue bird house cost $65?  A few of the reasons are quality, engineering, build with science, and hand-made.  Our birdhouses are ridiculously over-engineered, hand-made, built with rough-cut solid beetle-kill wood, assembled with stainless-steel screws, and all our bird nesting boxes have predator guards on them.

The birdhouse hole size is very important for each species of cavity nesting bird you are trying to attract.  Even more critical is to ensure the entry hole consists of a double thickness of wood, i.e. a predator guard.  A predator guard adds another layer of wood doubling the thickness of the entry hole wall greatly helping to prevent predators from getting to the eggs and baby birds.

The thickness of the wood we use another reason birds prefer our wooden birdhouses.  Why does wood thickness matter?  The thicker the wood, the better the insulation and the cooler the inside will stay during hot summer days.  The thicker the wood for wooden birdhouses the longer they will last.

Never buy or make wooden birdhouses made with laminated wood such as plywood or OSB!  Many types of wood products use very toxic glue to hold them together. These glues will eventually poison the birds, especially as the temperature rises in the summer.