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“Best Sauerkraut Recipe – What is Sauerkraut – How to Can Sauerkraut!”

Sauerkraut is a Super Food and here is the Best Sauerkraut Recipe you will find. Enzyme rich and nutritionally packed are just two reasons everyone should be eating Sauerkraut.  Best Sauerkraut Recipe, What is Sauerkraut, How to Can SauerkrautWhat is Sauerkraut & How to can Sauerkraut is talked about below.

This is the best sauerkraut recipe you will ever find!  In less than an hour you can have a dozen quart jars fermenting in your basement.

What is sauerkraut?  Sauerkraut starts with shredded cabbage, salt, and water.  best sauerkraut recipe No vinegar, No other spices, No preservatives.  How to can sauerkraut is very easy using this jar method.  Everything happens in the jar with no crocks and no cooking.

Heating any food over 105 °F kills ALL the enzymes which are needed for optimal food digestion. The best sauerkraut recipe is what we call our jar recipe.

Best Sauerkraut Recipe Ingredients:

  • 5 lbs. shredded cabbage (green or purple), preferably Organic Cabbage
  • 1/4 cup canning & pickling salt
  • Six quart canning jars, preferably wide-mouth
  • Six canning jar bands
  • Six new canning jar caps (never re-use old caps)
  • Distilled Water

Best Sauerkraut Recipe   Best Sauerkraut Recipe  What is Sauerkraut  How to Can Sauerkraut

Thoroughly wash jars in very hot soapy tap water, rinse in hot water, and dry. Best Sauerkraut Recipe

Follow the directions on the box of caps to prepare them.  Some caps require putting them in very hot water while other just require washing them in hot soapy water.

In a large mixing pan or pot mix the shredded cabbage and salt by hand and let sit for about 15 minutes.  What is SauerkrautThe cabbage will become very juicy.

Fill jars with shredded cabbage to curve of neck on each jar and pack lightly with your fingers.  Continue mixing the cabbage between filling each jar to incorporate the liquid in the shredded cabbage. Any left over liquid can be discarded.

Never use Tap Water when making Sauerkraut – Especially City Water!

Fill each jar with room temperature Distilled Water (NOT TAP WATER!) to the curve of the neck. How to Can SauerkrautClean rim of jars with a clean damp cloth to ensure no salt is on top edge where the cap will come in contact with the jar.

Place a cap on each jar and a band. Screw on the band until you feel the slightest Best Sauerkraut Reciperesistance. Then tighten the band 1/16th to 1/8th of a turn. This is to allow gas to escape during fermentation.

Place jars on newspapers in a cool place such as a basement or cellar. Don’t allow the jars to freeze, be in direct sun, or get hot. Keeping the jars around 55-65 degrees is perfect if possible.

Let jars sit for about two to three months. You don’t have to wait for a certain amount of time for the sauerkraut to be edible.  You can open and eat this sauerkraut anytime. The only difference in eating after one week or three months is how crunchy they sauerkraut will taste.

Open and rinse with tap water and serve hot or cold, but remember if you heat the sauerkraut above 105 °F the heat kills ALL the enzymes.

You don’t have to rinse the sauerkraut before eating, but I have found that for me there is too much sodium without rinsing before consumption.

For additional recipes click on The Bird Man Recipes.  For more details on sauerkraut see Wikipedia.