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Woodpecker House, Woodpecker Repellent, Where do Woodpeckers Live“Great Woodpecker House & Excellent Woodpecker Repellent Answering Where Do Woodpeckers Live”

This Woodpecker House is a great Woodpecker Repellent and is specifically designed and tested for Northern Flickers.  Other birds have been known to use this woodpecker house also such as Kestrels and with a slight modification to the house Wood Ducks.

If you are asking Where do Woodpeckers Live then keep reading. This Woodpecker House is hand-made In The USA from rough-cut pine sourced from the mountains of Colorado. This Woodpecker House is assembled with stainless steel screws.  The woodpecker house is easily cleaned out and refilled with wood chips by flipping up the front.

You can find other Woodpecker Repellent claims on the internet, but this Flicker Woodpecker house is the first step in modifying the behavior of a Flicker. Every Woodpecker House, actually every birdhouse, should have a predator guard.  This is the block of wood over the entry hole.  This predator guard protects the babies from larger birds getting to them while they grow.

Enlarged entry holes on birdhouses is in the top three causes of deaths in songbirds.  Woodpeckers will pound and peck at the entry hole throughout the season and when it gets enlarged you can easily replace the predator guard with a new one.

When installing this Woodpecker House mount it up on the side of your house, garage, a pole, or in a tree at least eight feet off the ground.  Fill this house at least half full with woodchips or small bark mulch.  DON’T USE SAWDUST as it tends to compact at the bottom of the box.

Weighs 10.0lbs.

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Weight 10 lbs