Simple Birdbath


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This simple birdbath come in several colors and attachment models.  All of them have the following features:

  • 14″ Diameter Non-Heated Birdbath
  • Includes a Non-toxic BPA free plastic dish, made in the USA, with the perfect 1-1/4 ” depth
  • Holds over 3/4 gallon of water
  • Heavy duty clamp features a large easy to tighten turning knob
  • The steel dish ring is 2-1/4″ wide and has a baked on powder coated black 
  • Clamps to hand rails up to 2″ thick
  • Made in USA.

This is a very sturdy Non-Heated Birdbath which, depending on the option you choose, will clamp or screw onto a deck rail or other such structure. The frame and tray comes in several different colors, again depending on the option you choose.

This simple birdbath will hold up to just about any climate. We recommend putting a weight in the tray, such as a small river rock, to keep the tray from blowing away in the wind if the water evaporates.

For additional assistance for specific challenges or other birdbath choice feel free to Contact The Bird Man.

14″ Diameter, Shipping weight is about 6 lbs.


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