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Until now we have never been crazy about any type of glass birdbath used outdoors due to possible breakage.  These glass birdbaths come in several designs and colors, please choose an option in the drop-down window above. All of them are made with heavy-duty glass, about 7mm thick, and come with a metal stand.

The color will never fade because the pigment is molded inside the glass instead of being painted on. Cleaning is easy when using a scrub brush that won’t scratch the glass along with a cleaning solution that is environmentally friendly and intended for glass.

Placing a rock or weight on the bottom part of the stand is helpful to ensure the wind does not blow it over.  A second weight in the bowl prevents the wind from flipping the bowl out of the stand.  We like to use round, oval, and flat river rocks for our weights as they don’t have any sharp or pointed edges.

There are many benefits to using these birdbaths in your backyard or garden:

  • Offering water attracts ten times more birds!
  • Embossed with vibrant colors. Song bird friendly!
  • All these glass birdbaths have a textured bottom and are the correct depth for songbirds
  • Make for outdoor use, but attractive enough to display indoors

We recommend installing these glass birdbaths on a flat surface. If installing in a flower or vegetable garden use a flat cement large step stone. Once you level and compact the dirt under the step stone will ensure your birdbath rests on the sturdy surface and will sit level.

For wintertime we prefer this 150 watt birdbath heater.

These glass birdbaths stand 18″ tall and the bowl has a diameter of 23″. Boxed weight is 9 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 23 × 5 in