Bluebird Ring Bird Houses




You are buying ten bluebird houses that can be installed anywhere, but preferably in a 20′ diameter ring on joined copper pipes. This birdhouse will attract not only Western Bluebirds, but Violet Green Swallows, Tree Swallows, Nuthatches, Wrens, and Downy Woodpeckers.  Another bonus is that Hairy Woodpeckers like to roost in them during the winter time.

This set of unpainted houses are Made in the USA and built with solid dense wood from the Colorado mountains and assembled with all stainless steel screws. Each house you see in the product listed has access from the side, one side flips up from the bottom, for easy cleaning.

bluebird ring bird housesAnother option is to have the front of the birdhouse flip up in which case you will receive a birdhouse designed with a front to back sloping roof like the image you see to the right.

This set of bird houses is held in the air with a series of 3/4″ copper pipe, not included.  Each house is attached to the top of each copper pipe using a flange, not included.

All instructions on what pipe you need to purchase along with directions on how to install this bluebird ring. This setup makes for a beautiful yard display and looks better with age.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs