Bluebird Birdhouse


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“Western Blue Bird House, Swallow Bird House, Eastern Bluebird Houses”

This well built Bluebird Birdhouse can be used as a Western Blue Bird House, Swallow Bird House, or for Eastern Bluebird Houses.  Every Blue Bird Birdhouse is made from rough-cut pine sourced from the mountains of Colorado.

Made In The USAAll birdhouses are Hand-Made in the USA and assembled with stainless steel screws. This house is easy to clean as the front of the house pivots up to access.

Every Blue Birdhouse we make has a predator guard (block of wood over the entry hole) to ensure woodpeckers and other larger birds don’t beat it up the entry hole or can get to the baby birds.

To make your own Blue Bird House, Swallow Bird House, or Eastern Bluebird Houses buy our Bird House Specification Chart.

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