We carry many types of bird feeders for holding bulk seed such as Black Oil Sunflower or Safflower Seed.  We also carry specialty feeders for certain seed such as Thistle or Nyjer seed, Shelled Peanuts, and Suet.  All of our wood feeders are locally made in Colorado.

Most of our wood birdfeeders are made from Pine Beatle kill wood sourced from the mountains of Colorado while a few of them are also made from recycled wood. All of our wood feeders are assembled with stainless steel or treated screws to help prevent corrosion and for optimal strength. Rarely is new wood used.

Our tube feeders are made of polycarbonate for superior strength and durability.  Polycarbonate tubes are 100% UV proof!  Most every tube feeder we have on our website comes with a manufactures lifetime warranty.

All of our birdfeeders are “Bird Tested & Bird Approved” here on the grounds of The Bird Man. You can be assured that every feeder we sell is of the highest quality with superior functionality.