“Birdhouse – Birdfeeder – Birdbath – Installation Rules”

Most Installation Rules for birdhouses, birdfeeders, and birdbaths are pretty straight forward with a little thinking and planning.  Below are some installation rules to consider:


  • Birdhouse openings point away from dominant winds.
  • All birdhouses should be mounted at least 5’ off the ground, some birds prefer higher.
  • Always have a birdhouse perfectly level or slightly tipped forward.
  • Bluebirds have a 5 acre territory, but it can be cheated by placing birdhouses between obstacles like buildings, trees, and high bushes.
  • Always have a Predator Guard on every birdhouse.
  • Point the opening of Bluebird Houses to an open area/field.
  • Nuthatch and Chickadee houses can be by a thicket or treed area, but point the entry hole opening to an open area.
  • If you have lots of squirrels around don’t install a flicker house on a tree
  • Never install a birdhouse by hanging it from wire or rope as this allows the house to swing.
  • The best place to install a birdhouse is on its own pole
  • Installing a birdhouse on/above a fence is OK in some cases
  • Woodpeckers need to have the nesting material replaced with woodchips every year
  • Never use brown stained or painted wood to build a birdhouse as it attracts wasps
  • Putting out dryer lint and hair in onion bags in the spring is a great idea for nesting material.


  • Never install any birdhouse or bat house above a garage door, a barbecue, fire pit, or any vent coming from the house (dryer, sink, hot water tank, …).


  • The color of a bat house is all about heat. Bat Houses in Canada are black and in Texas are white.
  • Guide for bat house colors based off of Latitude:
    • Black – above latitude 45 degrees
    • Gray – between latitude 40 degrees and 45 degrees
    • White – below latitude 40 degrees
  • The goal is to maintain a daytime temperature in the bat house between 72-90 degrees.
  • In most areas of the country if the bat house faces south or west it needs to be shaded from the sun after 11AM.


  • Birdfeeders should be installed in open areas to allow birds to see predators coming.
  • If deer are in the area install birdfeeders high by adding extensions to shepard poles.
  • If you live in Bear country birdfeeders need to be taken in every evening. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • To help avoid lethal window collisions install feeders within 2′ of windows if possible.


  • Install a dripper in each birdbath if yard is irrigated to avoid having to fill everyday.
  • Install pedestal birdbaths level on a paver or flagstone, never on dirt as dirt settles.