Growing Hops At Home 2017-10-10T20:12:44-06:00

“Growing Hops At Home – How To Plant Hops – The Key To Success!”

Hops are easy to grow in most cases.  Growing hops at home, how to plant hops, and soil preparation can be challenging.  There are many things to know about hops such as When To Plant Hops and growing hops at home - how to plant hopsHow To Plant Hops and how to build a Hops Trellis like the one to the right in the picture.

You also must consider what types and varieties of hops you want to grow.  When To Plant Hops varies depending on the variety.  How To Plant Hops does not change much between varieties, but Growing Hops At Home is much easier if you have a solid plan.

Some hop varieties grow 35′ long. Hops do best if they can grow upwards verses horizontal.  To ensure you get the best quality and production it is best to create a Hops Trellis.

Growing Hops at Home can be as easy as you want it to be.  Like most anything, NOT Having a plan before you start growing hops is a perfect Plan For Failure!

When you purchase our Guide to Growing Hops at Home guide you will also receive our FREE exclusive detailed chart of hop varieties!

This chart will tell you which hop is for bittering, aroma, with more information on cone size, maturity, yield, growth rates, disease resistance, storage properties, and an overall rating of each hop.  In addition this chart will tell you which hop to grow for different beer styles.