This webcam is an example of a Wireless IP Camera with sound that can be installed anywhere.  Imagine having cameras to view your birdfeeders, an eagle’s nest, inside your horse barns, maybe even looking at your favorite hunting spot.  Just about anywhere you can get a phone signal this camera will work.


This particular Webcam currently only works with Internet Explorer (IE), but we are working to make it work with all browsers.  Are you using a MAC? Click Here to watch a video of bats trying to keep cool!


Power can be supplied by standard household current or with a solar panel and battery.  We have installed these IP Cameras in very remote places with great success.  For information on pricing and installation please Contact Us.



This Webcam is looking at the bottom of a Nursery Bat Box. Residing in this box are more than one hundred Big Brown Bats, scientific name Eptesicus fuscus. The best time to see these bats in action is just before dark as they are leaving the nest.  Bats sleep all day and are active at night.  Every evening they leave this box to hunt for food (insects) and return in the early morning.


To watch a recoding of bats hanging out the bottom of this bat house staying cool during the day click this LINK to be taken to


This particular IP Camera is one of the best in the business at automatically adjusting to the different light conditions and can also be adjusted manually for specific light conditions.  In addition you can enable sound or it can be muted.  You can also enable two-way communication with this camera.


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