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“Bat House Installation – Location is Key to Success!”

bat house installationPlacement during bat house installation is just as important as the bat house itself.  Bat House Installation has many variables depending on where you live, shade, sun, decks, pets, neighbors, in or out of the city, …etc.

The concept of attracting bats is to attract female bats, specifically female bats that are pregnant looking for a place to give birth to babies, known as pups.  As with any living species on earth wherever the females are the males will be close by.  Bats are very smart and female bats are very picky where they give birth.  A couple samples of Nursery Bat house is our Medium Nursery Bat House and our Large Nursery Bat House.

Single and double partition bat houses can attract bachelors, young and old females without pups, but these types of bat houses are not as effective in growing a colony of bats.

Some bat houses you buy or build May be capable of attracting bats, but as mentioned the location of a bat house is key.  Also important is where you live. Bat houses in Canada are dark in color and even black.  Bat houses in Mexico are generally white.  Bats like heat, but not too much!

In addition bats are extremely social and prefer in most instances to be with other bats.  Bats also prefer the right internal temperatures and when achieved will enable the house to attract hundreds of bats.  We have installed bat houses that take up to five years to have bats regularly use them.  We have also seen bats used them in the same year they are installed.

Please Contact The Bird Man to discuss your Bat House Installation and location options.  We also have a list of Fun Facts About Bats you might find interesting.