Bat Cam – Live Video 2020-03-04T04:20:51-07:00

Live Bat Cam

This live bat cam is an example of a Wireless IP Camera with sound that can be installed anywhere.  Imagine having cameras to view your bird feeders, an eagle’s nest, inside your horse barns, maybe even looking at your favorite hunting spot.  Just about anywhere you can get a phone signal this camera will work.bat cam

Power can be supplied by standard household current or with a solar panel and battery.  We have installed these IP Cameras in very remote places with great success.

As of late September 2017 the bats have migrated south for the winter. Our live bat cam will NOT be active until May 2018.

To watch a recording of bats hanging out the bottom of this bat house staying cool during the day click this Live Bat Video.  This Bat Cam is looking at the bottom of a Nursery Bat Box. About 150 Big Brown Bats, scientific name Eptesicus fuscus, live in this bat house. Bats sleep all day and are active at night.  Every evening they leave this box to hunt for food (insects) and return in the early morning. This recording took place on a really hot morning & the bats were hanging out the bottom cooling themselves.

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