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The Bird Man is a wildlife expert specifically relating to wild birds and bats. We create organic ecosystems to control insects and rodents organically. Additionally, we design and install organic vegetable gardens for customers. The Bird Man is also a professional speaker, writer, and is very involved both locally and nationally.

Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage

Without a doubt this recipe is best venison sausage we have ever made in over thirty years of making wild game sausage!  You can make this with any game meat (elk, deer, pig, goat, sheep, antelope, turkey, alligator, ...etc). Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage - This venison maple breakfast sausage is made with pork shoulder to [...]

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Caraway-Fennel Bread

Exceptional hearty and rustic bread. Great for sandwiches, toast, along side soup, or make garlic bread with it. Very easy to make! Caraway-Fennel Bread on Parchment Paper & Pizza Stone Caraway-Fennel Bread - This Caraway-Fennel Bread is an exceptional hearty and rustic bread. Great with soups, for sandwiches, toast, or with butter & jam hot out [...]

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Ultimate Smoked Fish Brine

This is the ultimate smoked fish brine for any kind of fish you intend to smoke including all kinds of salmon, trout, pike, pan fish, herring, white fish, sturgeon, carp, sucker, halibut, flounder, shark, and grouper. Ultimate Smoked Fish Brine - - brown sugar, non-iodized salt, granulated onion (Or use onion powder), granulated garlic (Or [...]

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Smoked Fish Brine

Smoked Fish Brine - - brown sugar, non-iodized salt (Sea salt will work fine also.), water, granulated onion, granulated garlic, cracked black pepper, ground ginger, soy sauce, tabasco sauce (More for a hotter flavor), dry white wine (Use a good quality white wine you would also like to drink!), worcestershire sauce, vinegar (Use red, cider, [...]

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White Bean Chicken Chile

White Bean Chicken Chile This is by far the best chile, or chili, we have ever eaten!  It is very easy for anyone on the go. Left overs freeze well (if there is any!).  Make a side of corn bread and enjoy.  This is a great dish to bring to any party or potluck!  If [...]

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Greatest Dry Rub

Greatest Dry Rub Greatest Dry Rub came about through lots of trial and error.  Dry rubs can be added up to 24 hours in advance.  Notice that this dry rub has no Salt in it? You never want to add salt to meat and fish more then 30-60 minutes before cooking or smoking.   Adding salt will [...]

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Wasp Control

"Wasp Control in Birdhouses & Yards" Wasp control in and around your house has been a problem for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The most common type of wasp to occupy a birdhouse is a Paper Wasp. There are several species of paper wasps and for control purposes the species type is irrelevant. When [...]

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Birdhouse Cleaning

FALL BIRDHOUSE CLEANING IS A MUST! Birdhouse cleaning should be performed in the fall or early winter. Insects in the nesting material, and there is a lot of them, will survive all winter. If the nesting material is not removed these insects will attack springtime nesting birds and their babies.  Removing the old nesting material [...]

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