“Backyard Bird Shop – Bat Habitats – Growing Vegetables at Home”

The Bird Man is your #1 resource for Wild Bird Products, Bat Houses, & everything you could need involving Organic Gardening.  Our backyard bird shop provides customers everything they need to attract songbirds and bats to their backyards.  In addition The Bird Man is a great source for Organic Gardening, from soil preparation to building large fenced-in gardens.

 backyard bird shop bat habitats growing vegetables at home
 Backyard Bird Shop  Bat Habitats  Growing Vegetables At Home


Your Backyard Bird Shop starts with well made products, most of which are made in the USA!  By clicking on Backyard Bird Shop above you will find many excellent products such as The Bird ManBluebird Nesting Boxes, Squirrel Proof Feeders, Birdbaths, along with many choices of birdseed. If you don’t see what you want or need in our backyard bird shop just ask The Bird Man!

From creating better backyard ecosystems to deterring Woodpecker Damage The Bird Man can help.  No challenge is to big or too small!  Helping customers keep balance in their yards and properties is our specialty.

bat habitats“Bat Habitats & Organic Insect Control”

The Bird Man focuses on helping customers all over the country to create bat habitats.  Bats eat a tremendous number of insects.  When it comes to insects and bats, if it flies at night it’s dead!  The Bird Man can help you with every aspect of creating bat habitats.

Natural or Organic Insect Control is one of the most challenging parts of organic gardening.  The Bird Man can help you attract bats, the king of insect eaters, to keep your insect populations in check.

“Growing Vegetables at Home”

growing vegetables at homeOrganic vegetable garden design, installation, weed & insect control, fertilizing, canning & freezing food, and just about anything you can think of around growing vegetables at home The Bird Man can be a great resource for you.

The Bird Man has more than eighty years of gardening experience within the company.  Organic Gardening and helping customer with growing vegetables at home has been their primary gardening technique for the past twenty years.


What customers are saying about The Bird Man:

“Moving to Colorado was our dream!  We contacted The Bird Man to have him create a property plan to include bird feeders, bird baths, and we got his help for growing vegetables at home. He also had lots of information on bat habitats and we had him install a nursery bat house for us to help naturally control insects.” 

Marcus – Aspen, CO

“After searching the internet for birdhouses we found The Bird Man’s backyard bird shop.  We wanted locally made bird houses that were made from recycled wood. We bought and installed two Custom Bird Feeders and one of his bird nesting boxes for bluebirds and our birds just love them.  I am so glad we found someone who makes such beautiful products and loves life!”

Cheryl – Sedalia, CO

“We wanted to control mosquitoes on our property and thanks to Pat The Bird Man and his information on bat habitats we bought one of his hand-made Large Nursery Bat Houses.  He came over to install the bat house and we now have over 100 big brown bats in our house eating insects all night long.”

Dave – Franktown, CO