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“Simple Cooking Recipes & Examples of Fermented Foods”

All of these simple cooking recipes below are fun to make.  No special training is needed to make all of these recipes other than being able to read & follow directions.

Simple Cooking RecipesSimple Cooking Recipes:

Examples of fermented foods is sauerkraut.  There are many more foods that are fermented, but sauerkraut is one of the top three foods you can eat from a digestion perspective.

Simple Cooking RecipesNo matter what skill level you are at anyone can make all of these simple cooking recipes. We are always adding new simple cooking recipes and examples of fermented foods to our list so check back often.

For many generations Americans have lost many traditions such as growing and cooking most of their food, hence relying on the mega food corporations to supply nothing more than slop to you.  Most of the food produced by large food manufactures are not nutritious enough to keep a rat alive.

Many Resources for Growing your own Food at How to Start Gardening.

Growing and consuming your own food is fun for the whole family and good for your soul.  Organic gardening can be done in a community garden also. Sharing all your simple cooking recipes with others in your neighborhood and community is fun for all.

Other examples of fermented foods in the top seven to consume, besides sauerkraut, are Kombucha, Tempeh, Kefir, Miso, Seed Cheese, and Rejulevac. I won’t go into detail on these other foods, but as you will find out all of these foods are not cooked.  Heating any food above 105 degrees kill off all the enzymes.

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