Purple Martin Bird House




This Purple Martin Bird House comes unpainted.  Purple Martin Bird HouseThis purple martin birdhouse is very unique and completely hand-made.  You wont find anything like this anywhere except from The Bird Man!

This purple martin bird house stands over 3′ high and consists of four separate structures which you can screw to a 4×4 post (post not included). The roof is made from custom made shingles and the platforms are mounted using dowels and glue for super strength. Included is a perching cap for the 4×4 post.

This house is best mounted atop two 4×4″ posts (not included) with the bottom one Purple Martin Bird Houseburied in the ground with concrete. For ease of cleaning the 4×4’s are hinged in the middle, see image to left, using 2×4’s and 1/2″ carriage bolts (not included).

All posts and mounting hardeware is easily sourced from your local hardware store or building center. Purple Martin Bird House weighs 45.0lbs.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs