Medium Nursery Bat House


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This Medium Nursery Bat House can house up to 750 Big Brown Bats or 1,000 Little Brown Bats.  Many other bat species may take residence in this house as well.  The Medium Nursery Bat house is crafted from solid pine boards and plywood. This house stands about 40″ tall and 24″ wide. There are four completely sealed partitions inside to allow the bats to move around during the day to adjust to temperature changes. The boards that seperate the partitions can be removed, if needed, without taking down the bat house by removing four screws.  Each partition is covered in a high quality screen material to allow the bats to easily grab on to.  The Bat House is assembled with exterior screws, all exterior seams are calked, then the Bat House is painted dark gray. In addition a sealer is applied to the outside to extend the life of the wood.  Dark gray works well in the majority of the United States, but the color can be adjusted when needed.  For an additional cost the bat house can also be wrapped in aluminum and camouflaged to blend into your installation area.  Weighs 40lbs.

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Weight 40 lbs