Chickadee Bird House




“Chickadee Bird House & Nuthatch Birdhouse”

This chickadee bird house will also work as a nuthatch bird house.  Both bird spices are attracted to this size birdhouse.  Hand Made from rough-cut old forest beetle kill pine from Colorado.

A chickadee bird house and nuthatch bird house are also desirable birdhouses as roosting boxes in the winter for many types of birds.chickadee bird house, nuthatch birdhouse

In most of the country putting out a chickadee bird house, or nuthatch bird house, in March or April is preferable to attract the first nesting pairs of the season.

All of our wood products are handmade in the USA!  This chickadee bird house will last for years and years with minimal maintenance. Weighs 5.0lbs.

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Weight 5 lbs