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“Best Organic Mosquito Control Systems Are Bats!”

Bats are the best Mosquito Control Systems you will find anywhere.  Bats will eat as many as 2,000 insects per hour depending on the species.  Nothing does Garden Pest Control better than bats!  Attracting bats starts with a quality home and we have the best Bat Houses for Sale you will find anywhere. Mosquito Control Systems

Bats are hands down the best nighttime insect eaters and mosquito control systems on the planet. I emphasize “nighttime“! They eat just about anything that flies at night.  Insects like Mosquitoes, Miller Moths, June Bugs, and many more. Bats are voracious eaters and consume hundreds of insects an hour, see Fun Facts About Bats for more details.

Now if you’re biggest insect problem is Grass Hoppers than Bat’s won’t do you any good. Grass Hoppers fly during the day, as do house and barn flies, and bat’s sleep during the day.  For additional information on controlling daytime insect challenges see Insect and Rodent Control.

“Our Bat Houses for Sale are Bat Tested and Bat Approved!”

Bats are sometimes a little tricky to attract to a particular area, but once they take up residence they will return every year for life. There are hundreds of factors that can determine a better place on your property than another to install a bat house. Start your mosquito control system now and  Contact The Bird Man to schedule a visit to your property.

Mosquito Control SystemsGenerally speaking if a bat house has three partitions or less it will not be used by a female bat to raise babies. In order to attract lots of bats to your area every year you want to think about what it takes to attract female bats. When you attract females bats you automatically attract males. The birds & bees apply to bats also!

Our Nursery Bat Houses are just the answer to attract female bats.  The stay cool, have plenty of room for pups and adults to move around, have a superior hanging system for bats, and with optimum ventilation.