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The way The Bird Man creates an organic insect and rodent control ecosystem starts with a GOOD plan.  For more details on custom property plans see Wildlife Services.  Attracting wild birds & bats to your property is truly one of the best defenses for organic insect and rodent control.insect and rodent control

Bird Houses:  While many birds prefer a seed diet there are dozens of birds that eat insects such as Bluebirds, Swallows, and Purple Martins. There are many other birds who eat a combination diet of insects and seeds such as most of the Woodpecker family.  Even hummingbirds eat small insects like mosquitoes and gnats.

By mid-summer insect populations are at their peak. Attracting birds to your property is a very good way to control insects naturally without pesticides. Some birds prefer particular insects over others. For instance the Western & Eastern Bluebird dearly love grass hoppers and moths.

When is the best time to put up a birdhouse?  I like to equate this to the best time to plant a tree.  That would be twenty years ago!  When is the second best time to plant a tree or put up a birdhouse?  Today!

To purchase bird nesting boxes see Bird Nesting Boxes.

Insect and Rodent Control BEST CONTROLLED with Birds & Bats!

Soon after most songbirds raise their second fledglings of birds they start migrating south.  There is never a bad time to install a birdhouse, but consider installing more birdhouses in late July.  Most birds have an incredible memory, especially migrating birds.  Installing more Bluebird/Swallow birdhouses, see Bluebird Birdhouse, in late July will get the attention of the Bluebirds & Swallows migrating south.  These birds will remember where these birdhouses are at next spring when they migrate back north.

We build many different kinds of birdhouses and you can purchase them by clicking on this like BirdhousesIf you prefer to build your own birdhouses we also sell a Birdhouse Specification Chart.

Bird Feeders:  Many types of birds eat both insects and seeds.  While Hummingbirds love the nectar in your hummingbird feeders and flowers they also eat mosquitoes.  Not only do some birds eat both insects and seeds, but having birds around your property will actually make many insects look for cover as they know there is a predator in their area.

There are many kinds of birdfeeders that can help attract birds of all kinds.  Feel free to check out the high quality Bird Feeders.

Bird Baths:  As with every living creature on this planet we all need water.  By having several birdbaths our on your property will ensure there is a number of sources for water.  Of course clean fresh water is important to the birds.

insect and rodent controlMosquitoes will not have much luck multiplying in your birdbath.  For one most birdbaths are small and normally get emptied pretty quickly by the birds and evaporation.  In addition birdbaths are always being agitated by the birds and mosquito larva does not fare well in this environment.

Putting out several birdbaths will ensure you keep wild birds in your yard, who in turn will eat many insects.  We have many Bird Baths available and are always adding more.

Insect and Rodent control naturally is a process, not a one time cure.  Putting out birdhouses, bat houses, birdfeeders, and bird baths will attract insect & rodent eating birds and bats.  It takes time and is worth the effort.

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