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“Hail Protection for Organic Vegetable Gardens”

If you live in an area where hail is problematic to your vegetable gardens than look no further than our custom Hail Protection system!  Hail Protection HoopOur solution will prevent practically all hail damage to your vegetable plants.  Custom hoop systems and our custom made hail nets work to slow the hail down preventing damage to your vegetable or flower gardens.

Hail Protection system is Virtually 100% effective!

Hail comes down like a bullet out of a gun shredding every leafy plant or tree in its path.  The concept of our hail protection system is that hail gets slowed down so it does very little to no damage to plants.

Using commercial shade cloth that comes in different densities with the lower density fabrics letting in more sun.  For vegetable gardens we recommend a low percentage shade which allows the maximum amount of sun and water to get past the fabric while providing ample hail protection.

The fabric we use is a woven polypropylene product and has the following features and qualities:

  • UV resistant polypropylene
  • 30-95% shade factor
  • Water and air permeable
  • Mildew and abrasion resistant
  • Helps protect from wind and birds
  • Unaffected by most sprays and chemicals
  • High tensile strength

Hail ClothOur fabric is woven and is extremely strong and virtually impossible to tear or rip.  You won’t find this product at any Big Box Store!  There are many steps to make a custom hoop system for your garden. We can make any size and shape hoop system, but our standard hoop system is designed for our custom 8′ raised beds.

“Nothing on the market compares to our Hail Protection system!”

Using our custom templates we cut & sew our hoops using heavy-duty polypropylene thread & banding fabric along with re-enforced heavy-duty grommets.  Grommets are used to hold the hoops over the hoop systems if needed.

In seconds these fabric hoops can be removed for harvest, planting, weeding, fertilizing or any other reason.  Because our custom made Hail Protection Hoops are made from Polypropylene we see them still being fully functional after more than twenty seasons of use.

Contact “The Bird Man” today for your custom hail protection quote!

Hail ProtectionHail ProtectionHail Protection