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“Bird Products and Services”bird products and services

The Bird Man works with homeowners and businesses for all of his bird products and services.  These products and services consist of installing unfinished birdhouses, creating healthy bird and bat habitats, delivering birdseed, and evaluating backyard habitats. How To Deter Squirrels and How To Attract Birds To Your Feeder is a snap with the right birdseed feeder.  A big benefit of attracting birds and bats is natural insect control!

Our Products and Services are broke up into three areas – Birds, Bats, and Organic Gardening.  The table below has links to many of our products and services.

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With regards to birds, The Bird Man has products and services that run the gamut!  Hand-made unfinished birdhouses, effortless bird feeders, birdseed, birdbaths, free local delivery, and much more. Attracting birds and bats is fun and furthermore the birds will eat lots of insects!  Squirrel Proof Feeder

Keep squirrels out forever!  Check out this Squirrel Proof Feeder!

How to attract birds to your feeder has more to do with the birdseed and feeder location but equally important is the feeder design.  The Bird Man has many high quality birdfeeders for sale as well as free local delivery for every product and service.  With this in mind check out our links above for birdfeeders, birdseed, and all of our products and services. Never again will be worry about how to attract birds to your feeder and deal with insect control with the help of The Bird Man.

unfinished birdhousesOur unfinished birdhouses is not an accident!

Functional birdhouses should not be painted because juvenile birds could eat the paint chips causing death. Additionally every birdhouse sold is manufactured in Colorado using high quality dense wood. In addition every unfinished birdhouse design is bird tested and bird approved!

Bats are  your number one source for insect control because their entire diet consists of insects.  Attracting bats can be easy, but bat house location is the key.  Bats will eat between 500-2000 insects per hour depending on the species not to mention bats can live to thirty years old.  Not only do Bats get a bad rap as being rabid and scary but also aggressive. Another key point is more people die of dog attacks each year across the nation than rabies from bats! As a matter of fact in 2013 it was estimated that the loss of bats would cost the agriculture industry over $3.6 billion per year. How to Attract Birds to your Feeder Insect control if priority #1 for bats!

Every wood product is hand-made in the USA with wood sourced from slow growth forests in Colorado.  Most noteworthy with slow growth wood results in very dense wood.

Especially relevant to The Bird Man is customer satisfaction and as a result all our bird products and services were created around our customer needs.  We have hundreds of bird products and services consequently if you don’t see what you need please Contact The Bird Man.


“What Customers are saying about The Bird Man”

“Squirrels eating birdseed has always been a problem until we learned from The Bird Man How To Deter Squirrels. Thanks Pat for solving our squirrel problems!

Karen – Denver, CO

“The best Unfinished Bird Houses we have found. Pat The Bird Man is incredible on How To Attract Birds To Your Feeder. He goes way beyond all quality standards. Thanks for installing them for us also!”

James & Connie – Vail, CO

“The Bird Man came out and created this wonderful plan for our property which included bird feeders on shepard poles, squirrel proof Effortless Bird Feeders (really, they are 100% squirrel proof), bird baths, and several birdhouses. The Bird Man also installed everything and most of all delivers bird seed to our door every week. Great service & prices!”

Bob – Lone Tree, CO